Our shared vision was to showcase the very best of Norfolk and expose the hidden treasures of the North West Norfolk Coast.


The humble oyster has been overlooked by the masses for generations, once being the staple of coastal communities far and wide, as well the capital, to today exclusively being enjoyed by those with the most refined palates.


Our aim is to change attitudes through education, conversation, and accessibility. We are achieving this by hosting regular food and drink pop-ups, attending street food festivals, catering for weddings, private dinner parties, and other local collaborations. We are often the unexpected guest, who emote joy to the shellfish lover and evoke curiosity to the oyster virgin.


We actively look to collaborate and build relationships both close to home and further afield, offering the very finest pairings to our oysters. These include the famous Adnams brewery and their Blackshore Stout, Flint Vineyard Wines, Rocket Ship Hot Sauce, Chapel Down English Champagne-method sparkling wine, and Chapel Down’s Kits Coty Blanc de Blancs 2014.



Ever since I was a little lad, I've loved all seafood going. My mum tells stories of pushing my pram past Norwich market and not being able to get any further without picking up a tub of cockles to keep me quiet as a toddler. And today, all grown up, a proud Norfolk man, I take such pride in being able to sample such an extensive variety of wonderful seafood that our shoreline has to offer. At the top of the list, at pole position, comes our world class oyster! I've been lucky enough to sample oysters from all around the world and I haven't had better than from the North Norfolk coast.

We started the Thornham Oyster Company with a passion, a drive and above all, a love of our beautiful namesake. This exquisite treasure showcases the astounding area in which we reside and to share this with people from far and wide, oyster virgins to experts, and to see the joy they create brings me such a huge sense of happiness. Our ever sustainable, eco-friendly, delicious oysters get people talking, puts smiles on faces and excites palettes. Let's crack on and get shucking!!


Foraging for Wild Mussels, Cockles, Samphire and delicate Salt marsh herbs. On my days off you will probably find me exploring new creeks, immersed to my thighs in the dark rich salt marsh clay. Or in our incredible coastal restaurants and gastro pubs enjoying the exceptional delights that the North Sea and local chefs have to offer.

As a young boy my siblings and I used to squeal with joy as we dived down the banks of the creeks splashing and swimming in their shallow warm water. Learning to sail where Nelson once navigated cutting through the waves, the same salt spray lashing at our faces.
For many years The salt marshes and beaches of Norfolk were a distant memory, life and work took me away, swapping the fresh air for car fumes, bird song for traffic noise, and the beautiful vibrant colours of the coastal pallet to a myriad of greys. My heart and soul were desperate to return to happier times, reconnection with the forgotten coast, big skys, the joy of exploration and lungs full of laughter.

I decided to move back home and after seeing huge opportunity with the local seafood, founded the Thornham oyster company with two friends. After just a few short years I am so incredibly proud of what we have achieved and what is yet to come.


Seafood has been a passion of mine from a very young age. My family was huge on seafood. Some of my earliest memories include my nan and grandad teaching me how to get into winkles using a pin, dressed crab for dinner on Fridays and trips out to the North Norfolk Coast foraging for Samphire.

Myself and Jack were holidaying in Ibiza years ago. Whilst we were working on our tans a chap came over selling oysters out of a bucket of ice. The idea was born there and then. A mobile oyster bar which could travel anywhere and bring the finest products from the coast to cities, bars, food festivals and private functions.